Co-sponsored by Americans United for the Separation of Church and State
and the American Center for Law and Justice
Endorsed by the Metropolitan Area Church Council and the Ohio Council of Churches

1. The forum begins. Marcus Owens is at podium. At far left, forum organizer Leslie Kern. At left, moderator John Green. At table behind Owens, Barry Lynn and Eric Williams (obscured by Owens). At table on the right, Russell Johnson, Philip Burress (partially obscured), and Jay Sekulow.

2. A closer view of the discussants.

3. Russell Johnson and Jay Sekulow.

4. Marcus Owens, Barry Lynn, Eric Williams.

5. After the forum, a reporter questions the discussants during a brief press conference.

6. Russell Johnson, Philip Burress, and Jay Sekulow during press conference.

7. Owens, Lynn, and Williams during press conference.

8. Williams and Johnson shake hands after the event's conclusion.

9. Jay Sekulow converses with a member of the audience.

10. Forum organizer Leslie Kern with a copy of Barry Lynn's Piety and Politics: The Right Wing Assault on Religious Freedom (Harmony, 2006).

11. Forum moderator John Green with Leslie Kern.

12. Barry Lynn inscribes a copy of Piety and Politics as Jay Sekulow looks on.

13. Pat Noragon and Di Filice of North Congregational United Church of Christ helped host the post-forum reception (and baked many of the muffins and cookies).

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